About Slow

Slow is a way of life that believes in a more sincere, rooted and unhurried perspective in contrast to the fast-paced, ever-racing, competitive agendas that leave our body and soul exhausted and empty.


The Slow Movement

The Slow Movement is a sincere effort to go #BackToBasics- to a slower, more meaningful and rooted life. It is an attempt to revisit the unhurried, uncluttered and simpler joys of life that enriched our day to day life. An evening with a mug of coffee and your favourite book, a platter of food without chemical preservatives and adulterants, a song with the melody and a heart full of peace. We are trying to bring back the days when you could take a break from your fast paced life and visit a village, lie on a charpai on a cosy winter afternoon and wake up to the sound of birds. We are trying to create content, products and experiences that are meant to pause your life for a moment and live it to its fullest.


Our vision is to build a world where rat-races are futile and slow journeys are important, where fast-food is avoided and unadulterated, pure nutrition is celebrated, where violent and gore content is displeasing and meaningful one is loved. 


We aim at creating content, products and experiences that are more rooted, unhurried and meaningful.

Our Values

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